Whether you plan to relocate or just visit Silverthorne, the 2010 Community Profile can provide you with important information such as history, demographics,
employment, recreation, and facilities located in Silverthorne.

Of all the Towns in the State of Colorado, few have experienced the overwhelming change that Silverthorne has in the short time since its incorporation in 1967. Over the course of its existence, the Town of Silverthorne has gone from a makeshift construction camp for workers building the Dillon Dam, to a period where the most the Town had to offer was a convenient refueling stop along the Interstate, to a full-service, well-balanced community of an estimated 4,061 people.

Silverthorne is a desirable place to live because it’s a slightly lower elevation than that of Breckenridge. That means there’s less snow and Spring/Summer comes a little faster for those who love warmer days. Sailing, fly fishing, horseback riding…it’s all here. And of course, we would be remiss in not talking about our incredible shopping. Top name brands have their outlet stores here and is a favorite haunt for those in need of Nike, Ralph Lauren, Coach, NineWest and so man more. Many day trippers from Denver come to Silverthorne for a relaxing walk through the outdoor malls.

Because of the rapid changes in our Town, Silverthorne’s Community Development Department updates this document every other year. If you have additional questions about the Community Profile, feel free to contact the Community Development Department at 970-262-7367 or

Thank you for your interest and enjoy your stay in Silverthorne!